Chicago Comedian Paul Frisbie

  Paul Frisbie: Travels With the GMC Jimmy
(My Early Years in Comedy)

Nowadays I do a lot of corporate shows, and I fly to many of my gigs.  Odds are I'll be using a rental car at the other end.  If I'm working a cruise ship I never drive a vehicle at all -- they come and get you at the airport.

But when you're starting out in comedy you spend all of your time doing comedy clubs and one-nighters.  You're generally driving your own vehicle, rather than anything you might have picked up at an airport.

My original road car was a trusty old GMC Jimmy.  I put half a million miles on the thing before it rusted out.  The Jimmy and I visited Canada and most of the lower 48 states.  We camped on beaches.  We explored old logging trails in the Rockies.  We off-roaded in the Badlands.  And once, on black ice in Wisconsin, we flipped ourselves completely upside down.

Some folks pilfer garden gnomes to photograph during their travels.  I used the Jimmy.

Paul Frisbie -- Chicago Comedian